Late in the day, two extremely cute boys, and some arbitrary chick scam a free pass on a chairlift at a ski resort. Through a cruel twist of fate, the lift stops with them dangling high above the snow, and then the lights go off, and the temperature drops, and the resort staff go home – not just for the night, mind, but for the week. What would you do? With the drop? The hungry wolf pack? The frostbite? That whining girl?

Frozen doesn’t, as it has been billed, “do for skiing what Jaws did for swimming.” But still, it all sort of works. Did I mention the extremely cute boys? There. That’s my last word on the matter. Frozen filmed in Snowbasin, Utah, the oldest continuously operating ski resort in the US, and one of the main venues of the Utah Winter Olypiad. Fact sheet here.