Nondescript images? Unconventional length? Strategic placement? All to stir up interest? According to Paramount president of worldwide distribution and marketing Megan Colligan, that’s why these 10 second teasers for the ScarJo live-action pic Ghost in the Shell aired during the Season 2 finale of Mr. Robot: Season 2 finale.

Season finales are typically like sporting events in that the audience is active in real time and conversing over social media. Paramount recognised that the Mr. Robot would receive additional word-of-mouth from people who would share stuff on social media platforms.

“Ghost in the Shell is so original in its own right that it had to have a special execution to kick it off….It was important to present the earliest advertising for this film as a glitch instead of something more traditional.”

I didn’t watch the finale myself (I’m just getting into the first season) but must admit I was intrigued by the clips, without really knowing what the hell was going on.