OK, spoiler alert: in Godzilla, Godzilla is the good guy. Not a good guy, the good guy; he saves the world. And although Aaron Taylor Johnson does some running about where he’s basically wrong-place-wrong-time for 90 minutes trying to get back to Lizzie Olsen, it’s really all about Godzilla and some anatomically impossible, mountain-sized, mega-insects called Mutos.


Mutos, it would seem, have a peculiar dietary preference for the world’s nuclear stockpiles, and Godzilla, in his turn, hunts Mutos for fun (hurrah!) so together they pay almost no attention to humans as they bash and smash their way across several eastern States of America. Humanity, as it appears in the movie though, is no more interesting than yoghurt bacteria. And thus goes the film. It’s bold, it’s brash, it’s loud, it’s ridiculous, and ultimately, sadly, is disengaging and a leetle bit boring. Ah well.