Gone Girl is superb cinema. A classic Fincher methodical slow burn that erupts into breath-taking violence. A sharp (as nails) script, exquisitely almost perfectly lit and shot, a memorable sound track and universally fantastic performances: Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Kim Dickens, and what’s sure to be a career-changing turn by Carrie Coon as Go. But it’s Rosamund Pike – my first and only one true beloved – who has through this electrifying and terrifying performance as Amy has rocketed stratospherically into the A leagues. She is, without messing about, frikkin awesome here. Set in New York and Missouri, the movie filmed on location in both, with Cape Giradeau benefiting widely from the economic impacts of production. Strangely, I’d think this might even drive some film tourism – as well as business for Missouri’s own Boulevard Beer Company.