Oh lord, what a dreadful experience. Director Alex Gibney may have been involved with some really good doccies – Taxi to the Dark Side and Enron – the Smartest Guys in the Room to name two – but his biography of iconoclastic journo Hunter S. Thompson – Gonzo – is simply excruciating. 


Whilst my own experience of Colorado was not quite frustrating enough to drive me to drugs or suicide, (close, but not quite), I did have some empathy with Thompson’s self-destruction. The fact that he single handedly subverted and destroyed the campaign of a presidential candidate in 1972 was also interesting. But sitting in South Africa in 2008, that’s only interesting for so long. Lengthy clips from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas don’t help much; they simply reiterate the incoherence of the director’s own voice and inability to get to the gist of it all. Because otherwise, there’s very little in the whole sorry, self-centred slowness of the narrative to sustain a two hour movie.

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