Peter Quill was kidnapped by aliens as a child and raised by a band of ruthless interplanetary thieves. Now all grown up, Peter is drawn into a struggle – along with a green lady, a tree, a literal muscle man (I mean that literal reference) and a talking racoon – to keep control of a strange orb that contains the power to destroy the galaxy. I think that’s it? There’s really not much plot to speak of. Instead it’s mostly glorious spectacle, loopy 80’s references and snappy one-liners. But boy is it a fun watch. It wasn’t a Marvel world I was aware of, at all really, but I thoroughly laughed-out-loud enjoyed it. Guardians filmed mostly in studio in Shepperton, although there’s a scene on Planet Xandar that’s actually shot on London’s Millenium Bridge – a great image via the link here. And Chris Pratt? Yes – all that.