Whilst still on the topic of Vikings, I enjoyed the Britflick Hammer of the Gods somewhat more than the previous Outlander. Not that it’s a great or even very good film, it’s just got more style and more wit than the boring Caviezel piece. Set in 871AD, the plot centres around Viking Steinar (Charlie Bewley), second son of King Bagsecg (James Cosmo). Steinar and some grubby mates are dispatched on a mission to find Steinar’s long-absent elder brother. The gang’s journey across Mid Wales (or somewhere) is bloody and somewhat pointless, enlivened mainly by an odd interlude where Steinar, on a mushroom trip, has to arm-wrestle for his, ahem, virginity, with a lascivious bearish exile. Weird. Apparently it filmed partly in Bulgaria, which might account for it.