I’ll start right out by saying that He’s Just Not That Into You is set in Baltimore, and that’s perhaps the most interesting thing about it. A wry-ish look at the pitfalls and pratfalls of dating amongst an extended Chinese Whisper of friends and acquaintances, He’s Just was clearly conceived as some modern When Harry Met Sally – complete with mockumentary vignettes from completely unrelated people. Unfortunately it fails.

He’s Just Not Into You stars just about everybody except Cameron Diaz, but only Jennifer Aniston and that spunky little Irish-looking guy from Entourage come across as even vaguely authentic. I remember there was a lot said in the blogosphere about the heinous portrayal of the male gay best friends in the film but I didn’t find it at all troubling given that EVERYONE is a Twitter Update rather than a fully formed character. I’m not saying it’s not amusing. It’s just that there’s really nothing to work with, and nothing to hang the humour on except some really rather sorry social pathologies. I guess, I really just wasn’t into it.

And again smokin’ Bradley Cooper as an adulterer; I shall clearly have to have words.