The Redhead will be pleased; we finally watched Grace Kelly’s last film, High Society on pvr last night, and he insisted I blogged on its locations today. And look what glorious gossip I found: one of the main locations, Clarendon Court in Rhode Island, was later the place where the heinous Claus von Bulow allegedly topped his lovely lady wife Sunny. (she was found in an insulin coma on her bathroom floor and never recovered; his conviction was overturned and he was later found not guilty. blah.) And all in the house where Frank and Bing and Grace and Louis strutted their stuff. Imagine?

High Society itself was shot in 1956, and it’s always amazing to me just how much things have changed – in manners, in aesthetics, in class and race consciousness. But there’s as much in the film that’s still fresh, amusing and original; the marvellous Celeste Holm singing a line into a silver tureen still makes me smile. Grace Kelly too is beautiful and her performance here shows the kind of range, nuance and flair that we’ve all missed out on since she traded down her life with a very inconsequential European princeling. There’s no one really to match her today – Amy Adams perhaps, for talent, January Jones for looks?

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