In Hours, Paul Walker plays a first-time Dad whose beloved wife has just shockingly died in childbirth, leaving his newborn daughter clinging to life supported only by an incubator. But this is New Orleans in 2005, and when Hurricane Katrina strikes, the hospital is initially evacuated and then abandoned, leaving Paul to keep the kid alive using a faulty hand-wound generator that won’t hold a charge and self-administered shots of adrenalin.

HOURS / Director Eric Heisserer

It’s not a great film and certainly not the movie Paul Walker will be remembered for. I watched it expecting a high octane trek through the storm-devoured 9th Ward, dodging looters and poisoned flood waters: action hero stuff. We do get a little of that, only in stuck in one place, in the hospital room. So mostly it’s a low key character piece rather than a balls-to-the-wall battling-the-elements thriller. Nothing wrong with that particularly, just unexpected. Hours filmed in New Orleans itself, but you don’t get to see a lot of it, stuck in that hospital ward.

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