Insidious bills itself as a scary movie about the supernatural. No, not about how abnormally, disturbingly, distractingly beautiful a couple Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson make. Rather, there’s a nasty, aggressive ghoul who seems to be debilitating their young son.

There’s no logic whatsoever to the plot. Without giving too much away, Patrick’s mother drops a bit of a bombshell three quarters of the way through – a fairly pivotal piece of prior knowledge about the boy’s mysterious ailment that you think she probably might have shared with the poor distracted parents. But who needs logic? It’s pretty well paced, well acted (you actually care about the Bryne/Wilson unit) and it serves up some scary moments (well, until some silly bits towards the end.)

Otherwise Insidious has no stand-out locations to speak of – though IMDB mentions the Herald Examiner Building on LA’s South Broadway. I don’t remember that at all (see above re. distractingly beautiful cast members…..)