Interstellar was – how shall I say this nicely? – underwhelming. It’s glorious to look at – even the dustbowl scenes are magnificent. But somehow the glitz can’t overcome the amalgam of problems. Can I just point out some of them? Yes, spoilers ahead…..

a) What’s with Matthew McConnaughey’s permatan, two years into hypersleep?
b) Five dimensional can create multiverses that transcend time and gravity and theories of relativity and what have you, but they can’t send a simple email with instructions on how to save the planet?
c) You arrive on an alien world and park your plane without as much as a fly-by to check the lay of the land (or water, in this case)
d) How do you run a tap, let alone brew beer, in drought conditions?
e) To sit through three hours, you have to actually care what happens to Matthew McConnaughey.
And I don’t.  I’m glad it got all Christopher Nolan freaky towards the end, because otherwise it was pretty mediochre. Jessica Chastain is cracking in every scene though; I love her, and she saves the day in more ways than one. Didn’t hate it, wasn’t up to Christopher Nolan scratch. There, I said it.