I think Megan Fox is something of a coarse young lady. Just imagine her alternate career choices, had she not become The Next Angelina Jolie. A job title with -er at the end of it? (and I don’t mean weld-er, this ain’t no Flashdance.) Anyway, whilst the young lady in question is undoubtably attractive, the question of whether she is a very good actress remains in my mind, somewhat unanswered. Add this to the subject matter of Jennifer’s Body – a campy horror where she plays an undead cheerleader (honest!) – then you can imagine why I wasn’t exactly leaping for joy when the Redhead brought this home from the video store.

But, and I have to say this carefully, in case the Redhead gets ideas about his movie-selecting brilliance, it was a really fun movie, with a cracking script, great little performances (Adam Brody as the Adam Levine wannabee is particularly winning) and some laugh-out-loud moments that kept me chortling long after. Even the scary bits are well done. So all in all, not a bad way to spend a dark night.

Interestingly enough too, there actually is a real Devil’s Kettle Falls – the site of the fictional sacrifice in the movie. It’s located in Minnesota’s Judge Magney State Park and a section of it really does disappear into a pothole known as the Devil’s Kettle from whence it never returns…… oooh!