OK, so I’ll let you into a little secret: I really enjoyed John Carter. Yes, there’s little of a plot to be seen. And yes, I question the sense of dividing two warring parties only by the colour of their cloaks and then having all the battle scenes take place at night. And yes, Taylor Kitsch has grey skin and looks like he’s stumbled in off the set of a Twilight movie. And yes again, I’m always terribly nervous that Jar Jar Binks might appear whenever there’s a bipedal alien sidekick to be had. BUT, but….

…..John Carter of Mars – all $250 million plus production budget – is a spectacular visual romp, and it’s most entertaining. Think Star Wars meets Flash Gordon. A lot filmed in studio, but one of the more memorable scenes, where the heroes travel up a river of spiritual significance, took place at the atmospheric Lake Powell in Utah.

I’m not going to say more except – don’t listen to the critics, just go see it.

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