OK, so you’ve maybe realised by now that I love a movie where they blow stuff up. But just to prove I’m not entirely low-brow, here’s a post on a 2 part mini series on the History Channel. Yes, stuff blows up, but absolutely no Aliens are involved……

Krakatoa, the Last Days is a 2006 BBC/History Channel co-production based on harrowing personal diaries from 1883 volcanic eruption that claimed the lives of 37000 people.  Spooks’ Rupert Penry-Jones plays Dutch Controller Willem Beijerinck and his wife Johanna is the completely transcendent Olivia Williams. To be honest, she’s in such a class of her own, she acts everyone else off the screen.

Interwoven with the story of how the Beijerincks try to save their family is commentary from scientific experts, and CGI that explain each aspect of the Krakatoa eruption, including how the pyroclastic flow and tsunamis were formed and the effects they had on the sea, land and people in their paths.

And where do you go when you want Dutch and Malays and tropical locations? – South Africa of course. Most of the dramatic action was filmed in Durban.