Looper does not make for an obvious a Serbian connection – though the truth is that I actually met Rian Johnson a few times in Belgrade during the post and marketing of Brothers Bloom, which he did shoot on location there. Looper though is an entirely different animal, a classy, rich and satisfying sci-fi, set in a world that, if not entirely dystopian, is heading that way fast.

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Joe, a morally ambiguous “looper” whose job is to execute bad people sent back from the future by a cruelly ambitious crime lord. The problem arises when an older version of Joe (Bruce Willis) is sent back carrying an equally heinous plan to kill the child-version of the future crime lord, who at this point is merely a troubled five year old being raised on an isolated Iowa farm by his exhausted mother (Emily Blunt).

So Looper is whiplash smart, painstakingly detailed and highly entertaining. Looper filmed in Louisiana, of course, for the incentives. Interestingly though, it also filmed in Shanghai, China – one of the few US movies to manage the mind-numbingly complex and prohibitive rules and regulations set up by the Chinese government to manage access to Chinese production funds AND distribution into the massive Chinese marketplace.

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