Scarlett Johansson plays the title character Lucy in Luc Besson’s latest skop skiet en donder. Unwittingly embroiled in the affairs of the Taiwanese mafia, she wakes up with a pack of CDH4 – an exceedingly powerful new leisure drug – sewn up in her midriff. However, following a sound beating by an evil henchman, the bag in her tummy bursts, and she overdoses on a substance that grows her brain capacity from 10% to 100% over the course of the movie. This permits her to kicks ass and names names, seek revenge and fly to Paris. I’m not sure why she chooses France – there are some fairly stupendous plot holes (particularly if you’ve sat through the conclusion of Limitless) – but I’m also not sure that it matters. Lucy is meant to be enjoyed, not analysed to death, and on that front, it’s really just a mindless, Euro-trashy, guilty pleasure.