With today’s premier of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit in Wellington, there’s been a swift succession of really interesting articles and commentary on the pros and cons of filming and film incentives and their impacts on the creation of a local film sector. Tuesday’s NYT article about the “excessive measures” taken by New Zealand to accommodate Jackson’s production was great, and it was followed up by an equally thoughtful NYT story about the challenges of smaller New Zealand filmmakers to be heard over the Hobbitmania – “the seeming mind-meld with Hollywood was a bit much for many New Zealanders”. And lastly, (but not leastly) here comes the lovely Gisella Carr – Film NZ Chief Exec – stressing the importance of a managed approach to both. Dinkum.

PS I also LOVE the campaign Gisella announces at about 1.50mins in, honoring the ordinary New Zealanders who contributed to the film. Real jobs for real people, folks.

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