I’ve always said that living in South Africa is like being stuck in the pages of Gulliver’s Travels. Everything you think should be normal isn’t, and everything abnormal is completely taken in stride. In South Africa now apparently, well-organised, well-armed gangs of poachers have taken to hunting humans for their body parts. If these eyes and hearts and fingers and tongues are removed whilst the victim is still alive, they are supposed to make powerful ingredients in African witchcraft potions or “muti”. Honest. We live with this stuff. There are only so many Lilliputs and Brobdingnags you can deal with before it sends you completely loopy.

Muti murder is the unrelenting subject of the new SA thriller Night Drive, where handful of tourists stranded in the bush on a nighttime game drive realise to their horror that they are the ones being hunted….. It’s produced by my old colleague James Carroll, so three woops on that one. It looks blinking scary.