Liked Oblivion. Didn’t love it. It’s stylistically extremely appealing – the machines are fantastic – and the Icelandic locations are jaw-dropping.


Overall though, it just reeks of Tom Cruise’s overwhelming ego. He plays himself, basically – the inscrutable leather-jacket-and-raybans-wearing, motor-bike riding loner without an identity, without a past – a character we’ve seen him do again and again and again. Here he’s part of a two-person clean-up crew stationed on Earth. His partner is a creepy redhead woman he doesn’t love (hi Nicole!) and their joint role is to mop up after a thwarted alien invasion that’s resulted in full-scape evacuation to the moon Titan, fending off the last surviving Scavs and repairing fighting drones in the process. Throw in some Mad Maxy humanoids, a bit on cloning, some Super Intelligence, Morgan Freeman being Morgan Freeman, and a love story with a mysterious woman emerging out of hyper sleep, and you’ve got a miss-mash; it couldn’t really make up its mind whether it was a thriller, a psychological drama, an idyllic romance or some robust outdoor adventure. So, as I said, I liked it, just didn’t love it.