Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels are an absolute hoot. The zany bounty hunter series is populated by a cast of vivid, foulmouthed, off-the-wall characters who get into japes and crash cars and shoot things. Hapless Stephanie’s relationships with sexy bad boy cop Joe Morelli and sexy bad boy security expert Ranger are particularly riotous, and I just love her dubious crimefighting-sidekick Lola. So, given the beloved nature of the books, the completely perfectly drawn characters, and not to mention the thirteen years of development hell, the movie was always going to be touch and go.


Well, it’s more touch, and less go – just. I should say OFTM was absolutely eviscerated by the critics – the film has a 2% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for god’s sake. But I have to add, I thought it was sweet. It isn’t crackling or anything (a shame, given the outrageous source dialogue), the timing is kind of lazy and Katherine Heigl’s wicked-naughty grin is delightful only when it’s occasionally cracked. But I still enjoyed it, not bowled away or anything, but I enjoyed it. In spite of a Trenton New Jersey setting that basically stomps off the page and kicks you, the movie shot in Pittsburgh.