Sharlto Copley wakes up suffering from amnesia lying in an Open Grave surrounded by tens of corpses. A mute Chinese woman helps him out and he makes his way to a house where he finds a handful of survivors who’ve also forgotten everything about themselves. Who are they? Who killed all of those people? And why does he keep having flashbacks where he’s the one who’d doing the killing?

Open Grave Movie

Add to that a few more puzzling questions: Why do they shout at each other all the time? Why aren’t they all entirely freaked out by the sickly-looking zombies all over the place? Why is the Chinese woman so generally unhelpful? Why is the film 40 minutes too long? And why do they shout at each other all the time? I mean ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure if Open Grave was a sensible move in Sharlto Copley’s ascent to stardom, since it’s long, overblown and not very engaging. The resolution, when it comes, is fine, but the by the time we get there it feels like a cop-out to do it in voice over. If Sharlto didn’t have such nice hair, I’d say meh. Open Grave filmed in Hungary.