This documentary traces the cultures and histories along the Qhapaq Nan roads – the road system built by the Inca Empire through six South American countries, covering some 30,000 km (18,600 miles), stretching from modern-day Colombia in the north to Argentina and Chile in the south, via Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. The roads were built in the most diverse terrains, linking communities in the Andes mountains to fertile valleys, rainforests and deserts and were used by the Spanish when they arrived in South America in the 16th Century. Used mostly for trade and defence, Historians also believe the Inca trail was used to keep the city of Machu Picchu supplied and used to link the Inca capital, Cusco, to distant areas of the empire.


Unesco described Inca Qhapaq as an engineering wonder that must be restored and preserved.

“The Qhapaq Nan by its sheer scale and quality of the road is a unique achievement of engineering skills. It demonstrates mastery in engineering technology,” Unesco said in a statement. Six South American countries have agreed to work together to preserve the ancient route, since most of the route has deteriorated since the Inca Empire was defeated.

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