Outlander hails from 2008 but it’s a somewhat banal movie, so don’t beat yourself up if you missed it. It stars Jim Caviezel as Kainan, a humanoid alien from a vastly advanced race whose spacecraft crash-lands on Planet Earth of 709AD. Viking times. Cue lots of extras with mucky faces. The spacecraft is carrying a vicious monster (not sure why) so what pans out is kind of like The Thirteenth Warrior meets Alien, but nowhere near as interesting as either of those films.


Anyway, Sophia Myles is nice, I like her, John Hurt looks like he wandered in off the set of a much better film and Ron Perlman is unrecognisable (in a good way), so he”s probably happy about that. I once liked Jim Caviezal too, but I gather he’s become a bit of a crusading bigot (of the raving-judgemental-Mel-Gibson-Opus-Dei kind) and I can’t really concentrate on his movies any more because of it. The only thing I really liked: the locations. Outlander filmed in Newfoundland, which is suitably rugged and mist-enveloped. Given that the earliest Western settlements in the New World were Vikings in Newfoundland, there’s a certain symmetry to this, but it’s not enough to get excited about.