Paranoia isn’t really about paranoia, it’s about corporate espionage, and a couple of greedy biznis bigwigs who are out to destroy each other by stealing each others secrets. The ill-considered tool they use for their shenanigans is flobby Liam Hemsworth. A hapless pawn in their nefarious intrigues, he’s forced to lie, cheat, steal and compromise his friends and loved ones for no good reason at all really.


It’s dreadful on the whole. And while Paranoia has the bling Manhattan locations and crisp, glossy styling of a movie like Limitless, it has little of the panache or feel, and none of the sense. Hemsworth in particular must be thanking his lucky gods that he’s got two more Hunger Games movies in his future, because if his career path was to be determined by his vacant, slack-jawed performance here, it’d be stalling like a 1982 Citi Golf.