A very different kind of Grey’s Anatomy, this; in fact, I’m virtually 100% sure I am not the intended audience group for a movie like PathologyIncredibly gruesome and bloody (and with cringe-making accompanying sound-effects) Pathology is kind of Flatliners meets Saw.

Skinny Milo Ventimiglia (of Heroes fame) plays Dr. Ted Grey, an uptight and frosty med student completing his pathology course at a Philadelphia teaching hospital. Cold, precise and suspiciously cruel, he’s the kind of man with an eye on the prize – in his case, a wealthy fiancee and a fat salaried position somewhere.

But the morgue to which he is assigned is populated by a bunch of mad, murderous,  god-complexed interns, who undertake a violent and increasingly inventive killing spree – the twist being that the other students have to work out how each victim died. 

This probably worked really well as a pitch to the studio, but frankly, it’s executed in such a way that you don’t trust the motives, responses or actions of any single one of them – nor do you care. And it’s predictable; Alyssa Milano (all thirteen minutes of her screen time – don’t blink or you’ll miss her) is SO destined for a nasty end after about the first ten minutes, you can go to bed early without actually missing a thing.

Variety sums it up nicely:

The pic is too clever for its own good, allowing the meticulously researched scenario to be undone by implausible behavior and gaping plot holes  

Incidentally, no idea where it was filmed; Imdb says Los Angeles.