I’ll make no secret of it: Pitch Perfect made me laugh like a drain from start to finish. It’s the (formulaic, post-Glee) tale of the world-weary Becca, a musical mash-up college first year, who unwillingly joins an all-girl a capella group as part of a bargain with her Dad.

But while the plot my be obvious, the exposition is just fantastic. Elizabeth Banks and Rebel Wilson are so funny, their one-liners and their timing so perfect – and they fire them out so quickly – it’s hard to know if they’re scripted or riotously ad lib. Anna Kendrick as Becca is brilliant – a winning sweetness and joy emerging from under her rock hard carapace – and I couldn’t take my eyes off Brittany Snow. Though set at the fictional Barden College, it filmed at Louisiana State University. And it would just not be fair to end without the singing. Lovely.