Producer of Marketing & Distribution

Martin Cuff is a sought-after consultant, marketer, producer, strategist, speaker, writer and trainer. He has worked across five continents to support and develop film production capacity and filming-on-location. The former Executive Director of the Association of Film Commissioners International, (the global body representing the interests of over 350 governments from more than 45 countries), the former Film Commissioner of Colorado, and the Cape Film Commissioner in South Africa, Martin has helped facilitate thousands of film, TV, commercials and documentary productions. He also supervised the Cape Town Film Permit Office, established the Cape Town Film Policy, and was the lead consultant on the film commissions of Serbia and Peru.

Today Martin offers a range of creative solutions to filmmakers. These are realised through a dedication to collaboration – brilliant people working together every day to create some of the best and most inspirational work in the industry.

Martin is principally a specialist Producer of Marketing and Distribution. His role is to conceive, deliver and manage multi-platform marketing and distribution plans for individual films and television shows. By partnering with filmmakers as early as possible in the filmmaking process, Martin works to develop strong, cohesive and memorable marketing initiatives that use a variety of tools, traditional and digital. We are Relationship Marketers – we focus on audience satisfaction; we’re not out to sell movie tickets. We’re out to build relationships and engage audience on every step of the film-making journey.