PMD Action Planning


Every film is different and each will require a unique, tailored approach to distribution and marketing. Inspired by Jon Reiss, my process may involve:

1. Identify, research the audience for the film. Market / audience segmentation based on characters / themes. Every main character has characteristics / themes that can be explored via a number of different platforms, both real and created.

2. Identify key audience influencers – including media, events, social media activists.

3. Workshop / review / brainstorm Marketing & Transmedia opportunities
Work in conjunction with the key principles of the filmmaking team. Integrate this plan into the business plan for the film. Identify different approaches to achieve different outcomes.


4. Devise Traditional Marketing programme

Elements include:

• EPKs
• Behind-the-scenes images
• Set / location / production images
• Teasers and Trailers, Clips and Mood Pieces
• Press & Media Kits
• Cast & Crew biogs
• Synopsis / statements

5. Devise New / Transmedia opportunities.
Include diegetic materials – the story world, and the events that occur within it – as well as non-diegetic material – things which occur outside the story-world. These may include:

Graphic Novels
Online Education
Toys and Games
Video Games
Fact Checking
Gamified Website
Quizzes & games
Branded clothing
Gamification Website

6. Create a budget for the M&D plan.

7. Assemble and supervise the necessary team/crew elements to carry out the plan which can include social media, publicity, M&D production crew, artists etc.

8. Create an Investor Pitch Packet
Participate in traditional fundraising for the film.

9. Strategize and implement audience-based fundraising – in particular crowd-funding, sponsorships, product placement deals etc.

10. Plan and deliver Audience Outreach through organizations, blogs, social media, traditional publicity etc. – working with Unit Publicity.

11. Supervise the creation of promotional elements:
Script, synopsis, concept
Websites including SEO
Social media sites
Production stills
Video assets – both behind the scenes and trans media
Promotional copy
Art/key art

Merchandise: physical products including DVDs, special packaging (authoring and replication)

Other merchandise: books, apparel, toys, reproductions of props etc, and hard versions of games.

Digital products: encoding of digital products, iphone/Android apps etc.

12. Supervise the creation & delivery of transmedia elements – diagetic and non-diagetic

13. Outreach to potential distribution partners
• DVD distributors
• Digital and VOD aggregators
• TV sales agents
• Foreign sales agents
• Sponsors and promotional partners.

14. Outreach to other platforms
• Film festivals
• Theatrical service companies
• Community theatrical bookers

15. Supervise the creation of traditional deliverables / all media needed for the execution of the release as needed including live event/theatrical: prints / physical prep for event screenings.

16. Modify and adjust the distribution and marketing plan as the film progresses as information about audience, market, new opportunities, partnerships arise.

17. Distribution
Theatrical – Booking, delivery, of all forms of public exhibition of the film including all elements that make the screenings special events (appearances, live performance etc.)
Merchandise – Distribution of all hard good physical products created for the film.

18. Digital Distribution
Oversee all digital sales of the film, domestic & international TV/Cable/VOD/Mobile/Broadband/Video games etc.
(handled by distribution partners)

19. Ramp up the marketing of the film to coincide with the release, which includes:

• Social Media
• Publicity
• Organizational Relationships
• Sponsorship Relationships
• Affiliate and Email Marketing
• Promotions
• Media Buys (as warranted)
• Pushing Trailers and other video content
• Any specific marketing especially tailored to the film.
• Promoting and releasing trailers / video material