Predators asks just one thing of it’s audience, but it is a pretty big ask nonetheless: that you consider only the first Predator film (starring the Gubernator himself) as source material, whilst figuratively drinking your own bodyweight in order to forget the unmitigated trash of Predator 2 and the even worsePredator/Alien mash-ups that followed. No problem there, then. Figuratively or literally.

There’s not much to tell about the plot of this latest incarnation, except that it is fairly faithful to the original film. A group of mismatched mercenaries are jettisoned on hostile alien planet, where they are hunted down by a trio of hideous (and hideously well-armed) space creatures. There’s a bit about “having to work together” but mostly its an excuse to watch a series of bone-achingly violent deaths. Which is pretty entertaining, actually. Even the casting of whippet thin Adrien Brody as the muscular lead seems to work. I mean, he’s not Kenneth Branagh, but this isn’t Shakespeare, so really, who’s picky?

The main filming location – suitably lush but unspeakably deadly – is actually the Kolekole Beach Park, on Hawaii’s Big Island.