When the Naomi Watts Ewan / McGregor vehicle, “The Impossible” first came out in the US, its release was accompanied by a lot of wailing and hair pulling and gnashing of teeth about the fact that the Director had chosen two Western protagonists to tell a tale (about the Tsunami) that had disproportionately affected millions of Asians.

Whilst I understand the sentiment, I can’t find a way to really agree with it. Firstly, it smacks of censorship – we shouldn’t be stopping any filmmaker telling any story he or she likes, from any angle she likes, if she can pull it off and find people to pay for it. Secondly these kinds of criticism smack of the lazy moral non-equivalency that comes when one group tries to establish its own world view as the only one that’s real and correct (and thus invalidating the reality and opinions of others.) We get this a lot in South Africa right now, where the government seems to think it’s ok to define who or what is a “real” African, so I’m sensitive to it. Thirdly, as someone less P.C than me said at the time: “They can always make their own movie….”

With that in mind, here’s an interesting turnabout from another film that told a tale from a Western perspective – Iran has backed a plan to remake Ben Affleck’s movie “Argo from an Iranian perspective. We’ll see how that turns out.

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