Having recently sat through the Julia Roberts Snow White tale, Mirror Mirror, I was a bit meh about whether to bother with another version of the same: the much more widely anticipated Snow White and the Huntsman. But I’m not a Kristen Stewart hater, so I thought I’d give it a bash.

Well, obviously I’m not going to bother telling you the plot, but it filmed in the UK, without being particularly exciting in its choice of locations: Bourne Woods, Burnham Beeches and Frensham Ponds have all appeared in recent productions. What else to tell you? Well it’s pretty to look at and it tries very hard to be exciting, without actually being very good. Charlize Theron eats the furniture like she believes her own press, and Chris Hemsworth’s Scottish accent is so all over the place, not even his muscles can save him. Verdict? Wait til it’s downloadable.