Oh God, the Eighties were execrable. It was an awful time to be a teenager; combine all that adolescent angst and hormones with atrocious clothes, dreary New Age music and really worthy self-absorption. I wonder how any of us ever survived it. Or survived it without being resoundingly slapped. I was reminded again of how ludicrous and cringe-worthy it all was with the delightful, quirky Brit movie Son of Rambow.

Set in a rural English private school – in real life the Ashlyn’s School in BerkhampsteadRambow tells the story of Will Proudfoot, a sweet, imaginative young boy being raised by his widowed mother and the extended family of Good Christians (again, that oxymoron!) called The Brethren. Will is banned from music or television, so when he is exposed to his first home video – Rambo – his mind is blown wide open, and he joins forces with the cheeky school troublemaker Lee to make his own stunt-filled action movie.