I do like a bit of an apocalyptic zombie-vampire road movie. Stakeland is one of the better ones. Starring that skinny hobbit from Revenge, Connor Paolo (grudgingly: he’s the best thing in this – terrifyingly young, forced to grow up fast), it’s the tale of a boy rescued from the vampire apocalypse by a mysterious stranger known only as Mister, who teaches him the ways of vampire slaying as they head north to the cold safety of Canada. As it turns out though, it’s not just the virally-challenged that they need to worry about. There’s a mad-crazy Christian sect that’s doing it’s damndest to hasten the end times.

All it all it’s pretty raw, gritty and atmospheric – think Cormac McCarthy’s The Road with Vampires. Kelly McGillis is in it too, which was a surprise. To achieve the balance between small town America battling to retain its humanity, and a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the filmmakers took themselves to Pottstown, Pennsylvania – director Jim Mickle’s hometown – and to a place in the Catskills called Pine Hill.