O-M-G! I was heading for University at almost exactly the same time as Brian Jackson (an earlier, weedier incarnation of James McAvoy) in the Brit movie Starter for 10.

So I recognised the gauche awkwardness of the student parties, the worthiness of the constant political campaigning outside the Student Uni, the strangely inept sexual fumblings, the booze. I even grew up on the remote north-east coast where the weather was always early November. What’s more, from an even younger age, I actually recall the wooden University Challenge game show – the opening gambit of which gives the movie its title – complete with cheesy soundtrack, ridiculous college scarves and mascots, and its jovial host, Bamber Gascoigne.

But inspite of the somewhat chilling recognition of my earlier, less-formed life, I can’t quite for the life of me think why (the lovely Rebecca Hall notwithstanding) anyone wanted to turn Brian’s tale of mishaps into a full length, big screen, feature film movie.

Bristol looks nice though. Even the bit’s filmed at University College, London.