Savages is the tale of two peace loving pot dealers who are targeted for take-over by a vicious Mexican cartel. As luck would have it, I was invited (thanks Jon) to a special screening of the movie at the DGA theater, in the presence of the director, Mr. Oliver Stone himself. I almost genuflected. Because I love love love Oliver Stone – Salvador back in 1986 was a game-changing movie for me, one of the first movies to spark recognition that a crafted film could pack a significant political as well as emotional punch, and it was one of the films that actually propelled me to a career in the industry.

Having said that, I hadn’t put two-and-two together that the wickedly humorous, Tarantino-esque drug cartel romp I’d seen in the trailers was directed by the same fierce, stern, protest intellect that made JFK and W and Born on the Fourth of July. So, boy was I surprised. It’s radically alternative – from the unusual living arrangements of the protagonists (loving Taylor Kitsch again, Aaron Johnson is perfectly cast) to the casual pro-pot messaging, to the cartoon levels of violence and brutality, to the Lady Gaga telenovela campy-ness of Salma Hayek as the baddie. It is indeed HUGELY entertaining. And a must see, I think.

It’s set, and filmed, in Laguna Beach in southern California, and there are also scenes shot in Indonesia. The Bali Film Center was in the audience with us too.

Albert Nobbs

This, apparently, is the movie that’ll finally earn Glenn Close that Oscar. I think it reeks “tragic” – I can see myself squirming with absolute embarrassment – and may actually give it a skip. Albert Nobbs filmed in Dublin.