Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

Although he’s been around for about two decades, I didn’t really know much about Alan Partridge, the radio dj invented and played with conviction by Steve Coogan. I only knew he was crassly smug and self-satisfied, one of those dreadful early morning broadcast types who smile when they talk, and who fill the silences with complete inanity (“So who is the worst ‘monger’: fish, iron, rumour or war?”) However, I did know Alan Partridge worked at Radio Norfolk Digital, and that the feature film Alan Partridge Alpha Papa was shot in part on the North Norfolk coast and that was enough for me to be interested.

Alan Partridge in the studio

In the movie, Radio Norfolk Digital’s been taken over by some slick restructuring corporate types, resulting in the dismissal of Pat, one of the older, underperforming djs. Still mourning the death of this wife, Pat loses it, storms the station with a shotgun and takes everyone hostage. Alan’s outside the building at the time, and he’s therefore asked to become the gp-between between Pat and the police during the stand-off – which finally gives Alan the chance to get back on the telly and be the hero.

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