Veronica and the Release Strategies

Two things. First: Veronica. It’s the latest from Paco Plaza, the Spanish writer-director responsible for the first two [REC] movies. It’s a solid, well-made horror telling the ostensibly true tale of a luckless 15 year old who invites something horrible in after an ill-advised ouija game. The ensuing drama plays out mostly in a small Madrid apartment, ramping up the conflicts bit by bit, to a suitably chaotic climax. I enjoyed it. It won’t win many accolades (except for the acting, which was great) and it was all-in-all a gripping enough way to spend 90 minutes. So far so good.

The second thing, and the main reason I mention this movie at all, is that Veronica was released direct to Netflix, with zero publicity and no fanfare. Yesterday, no Veronica, today; ta-da. Netflix would seem to be a odd release strategy for a movie maker; it seems to be a kind of marketing deadzone, an apologetic admittance of middling quality… Continue reading “Veronica and the Release Strategies”

The Cured

Ten years of classical private school education and a degree in English Literature, yet my favorite escapist viewing is: Zombies. Zombies plus Ellen Page gets extra points. Ellen Page and Irish Zombies is kind of completely off the charts. Totally on my list.

Dinosaur Protection Group

Jurassic World raises the bar again on transmedia content. Check out the website for Dinosaur Protection Group; for all intents and purposes set up as a real programme campaigning for the rights of….dinosaurs. It’s a complete amalgam of the forthcoming film (Fallen Kingdom), related content that won’t be appearing in the movie itself, and actual paleotology disguised as zoology. You’ve got mission statements, Dino facts, and a monitor of seismic activity on Isla Nubar, as Mt. Sibo volcano prepares to blow. Pages and pages of it. Down the rabbit hole of audience engagement. I freakin’ love this stuff.