Creative Serbia: The Future is Creative

As a white South African, I know how negative perceptions of a place and its people are perpetuated through media stereotypes; how often do the hitmen and warlords and drug dealers and psychotics and gangsters in Hollywood movies and video games and tv shows speak with Serbian (or South African) accents? Often, that’s how often. I’m attuned to this vilification. There are reasons for it of course (admittedly some of which stem from what the country once was.) More than history, though, the fact is that Serbs have very little power or voice in the real world, and more importantly, they don’t have the financial clout to force or even influence a change. (when was the last time you saw a Chinese movie villain?)  The truth is that media messages and perceptions have almost zero relation to the country and its people in the real world of 2018.

But there’s a plan to change this. Six months ago, I was invited to join Prime Minister Brnabic‘s cabinet Continue reading “Creative Serbia: The Future is Creative”