Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

In Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, the odious, plastic-faced Nicolas Cage plays corrupt cop Terence McDonagh, half-crippled and half-maddened from the pain of a back injury sustained during Hurricane Katrina. He wasn’t a particularly nice bloke before-hand, and now, addicted to prescription drugs and worse, he’s become a law unto himself in the dark, shiftless world of the night. This is problematic since his latest case is the drug-related slaying of an immigrant family the investigation of which exposes him to all kinds of temptations and dangers…..(cue Nicky and a lot of chronic overacting.)

Not expecting anything much (except maybe a gag-reflex – my dislike of Nicky Cage being rather well known by now) – I quite enjoyed it, even on the small screen at high velocity and tightly edited for airline viewing. It’s oddly stylish, or perhaps stylised is a better word? In spite deliberate New Orleans setting, Bad Lieutenant is a great big gumbo of a film that makes no effort whatsover to elucidate the many charms of the Big Easy. Tourism Video this ain’t.