The Possession

Well, that was weird: a Jewish horror movie? In The Possession, a girl buys a very old wooden box in a yard sale. Unbeknownst to anyone, the box contains a dybbuk – a malevolent Hebraic demon – which is released when the bratty child opens it. Said dybbuk possesses said child, mayhem ensues: blah blah blah.

OK, so it’s not an entirely terrible film – derivative certainly, obvious definitely, but it’s atmospheric enough, and (jump-the-shark moment not withstanding) it includes more than enough jumps and starts to while the night away. Not great, better than dreadful. The Possession filmed in Vancouver, with scenes filmed at the creepy, decommissioned Riverview Mental Hospital, which has appeared in just about every tv series going in the last few years.

The Resident

In The Resident, Hilary Swank plays a newly-dumped ER doctor who’s on the hunt for a new apartment. She finds a huge, atmospheric space with great views over the Brooklyn Bridge – but when you find something that’s too good to be true, the cinematic fact is it probably is. Cue creepy really creepy landlord (and you, yes you, Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I have not yet forgiven you for Watchmen.)

I have to say I’m not much moved by Hilary Swank. I can give her a fat miss at the best of times, and this, honestly, is not the best of times. It looks good, certainly, and it has its icky moments, but I thought the plot gave itself away too soon – and it’s also a terrible waste of Lee Pace. Although it’s set in Brooklyn, the interiors filmed in a studio in New Mexico.