Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 jumps the shark. I wish, I wish that was a fun little inside joke based on a couple of sharks in a couple of actual scenes. But it’s not. What starts off as a charming return to the whacky wink-nudge lunacy of the first Anchorman movie rapidly descends into bloviating incoherence. It’s so all over the place, it’s like the screenwriters ran out of ideas and were just making it up as they went along. You can role out as many cameos as you like, but when it sucks, it sucks. Disappointing.


Oh, there is one good thing – Kristen Wiig. Awesome.

Friends with Kids

Remember when you were twenty-something and all dronkverdried with your best friend, and through a filter of gin you agreed that if you weren’t married by thirty you’d marry each other? Friends with Kids is sort of like what happens when people do that for realsies. Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott play a couple of broody friends who, in the absence of “The One”, decide to have a child together.


Why they decide this is anyone’s guess, since the various couples who surround them (cue SNL alumni and various Bridesmaids) are so completely dysfunctional and their kids are awful. (I don’t know that, I’m just surmising, based on experience.) Anyway of course there are emotional complications. Watch the movie; it’s all very sweetly worked out. Friends with Kids filmed in New York, and there’s a lot of snarky superiority of Manhattanites over Brooklynites.


In Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig plays Annie, a Milwaukee woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown….. Her beloved bakery shop has just gone bust and her boyfriend’s left her. She’s forced to work in a dead-end jewelery shop serving happy couples buying engagement rings and she nurtures a horrible self-destructive fuckbuddy relationship with a rich and handsome cad. To meet the rent, she shares her apartment with a truly awful brother and sister from Blighty. The only beacon of light in her world is the news that her childhood friend, Lillian is getting married. Thence assembles a cast of hilariously mismatched supporting Bridesmaids whose antics put any bromance movie to shame.

In short, I loved it. But not because of the slapstick or the witty one liners, or the gross out bits or even the portrayal of Annie’s budding romance with a gawky Irish cop (“Really!” – oh, you had to be there….) No, I loved loved loved Kristen Wiig’s friendship with Maya Rudolph. They have the sweetest on-screen chemistry of any movie you’ll see this year.

PS aside from establishing shots – including the Art Museum and the Harley Davidson Museum – Bridesmaids filmed in Los Angeles.