Projects & Programmes Update

Quick business update.

Into the detail on the Durban & KZN Film Review project; we’ve issued two more reports including the Review of the Durban Film Office and International Benchmarking, and an Analysis of the Durban Film Sector utilising a Value Chain Approach. The Durban blogsite is on-going and I’m back to KZN next week for a further round of consultation and meetings. Reminder: you can also have your say via the Questionnaires listed at the site.

I’m also back from an extremely successful three week stint in Serbia. An action-packed schedule that included fifteen meetings with key industry stakeholder groups, plus interaction with a number of key Government departments and agencies, as well as supporting a new Film in Serbia website, planning for the Locations Trade Show and drafting the SFC Business Plan and membership materials.

No wonder there’s been no time to watch a movie. (Saw five episodes of House though, on the plane home……)


This month, Martin Cuff Consulting begins the 6-month process of a broad sector review of the Durban and KZN Film Industry on behalf of the Durban Film Office and the KZN Film Commission. The programme will include:

  • Analysis of the structure and depth of the Durban / KZN film industry and its challenges
  • Analysis of the operational strengths and weaknesses of the DFO
  • Identification of key areas for greater involvement by the municipality in the local sector through a process of best practice guidelines.
  • Recommendations for the restructurion of the DFO’s operations with a view to aligning the strategic mandate that suits the needs of industry – including cooperation with the KZN Film Commission
  • Devising tactics and a comprehensive action plan for growth, development and sustainability
  • Providing a structured response to industry development in the local film and media sector through the provision of an industry development programme coordinated by the DFO – defined by the business plan.

Mr. Bones II - Durban's latest success story

Ultimately the project is intended to re-structure the Durban Film Office’s business plan and support a new business model for the film industry of the region as a whole. You can follow the project’s progress at the dedicated blogsite we’ve set up to co-ordinate and communicate with the Durban / KZN stakeholders – DURBANFILMPARTNERSHIP.