The Devil’s Knot

The Devil’s Knot is based on a true story; the motiveless murders of three eight year old boys in rural Arkansas in 1993. Hysteria grips the town, and three gothy teenagers are accused of the crime while some fairly obvious leads are overlooked and vital evidence is lost.


Apparently this is a well-known story that’s been told better elsewhere, in a number of documentaries for instance, and this movie doesn’t actually add anything new. But this was actually the first time I’d heard about the gut-wrenching crime and/or the gross miscarriage of justice, and I thought it was fascinating. It’s quite slow, the crickets and eagle cries that stand in for atmosphere are a bit insistent, but it’s all suitably brooding, unsettling and terribly sad. It ends a bit oddly too, like a tv show rather than a movie, but I’m glad I sat through it; it felt important to remind us that justice is sometimes short-sighted, and we need always to be vigilant against the crazies.


Digital Media Wire reports that the Vancouver-based company Movieset has received a ZAR11.4 million investment from the British Columbia Discovery Fund as part of a ZAR38 million round of financing, led by Rho Canada. The tecchie geek in me rejoices! –MovieSet offers behind-the-scenes video of films in production.

Check out for example, the star interviews from Battle in Seattle, a movie on the five remarkable days in 1999, when tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest the World Trade Organization. Battle in Seattle opens internationally in September this year.

Movieset has some lofty goals. Its CEO claims it will:

“revolutionize the way movies are produced and marketed and transform the relationship between filmmakers and fans, shifting the emphasis to the creative journey rather than just the end product.”

I don’t know about that. But there will always be movie fans who want more of an interaction with their favourite movies than 120 minutes in a cinema. If you don’t believe me, ask Universal Studio Theme Parks – now in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan and Spain.