The Hobbit

41 pages of documents on the “toxic nonsense” that nearly scuppered The Hobbit shoot in New Zealand have been released. Fascinating reading on how untrammelled special interests can derail film investment with serious effects. You can access the full story here.


The Adventures of Tintin

It’s pretty hard to write an update for an animated film on this locations-based blog, but with the Spielberg-directed, Peter Jackson-produced The Adventures of Tintin I’m going to try. Because the digital locations – from the Sahara to the historic Caribbean to muddy Belgium to the palaces and narrow streets of the Caliphate of Bugghar – are richly detailed and absolutely spectacular (we saw the movie in 2-D to avoid the horrid colour-deadening of the 3-D format). And vividly realistic too; that developments in this field will impact on the future of filming on location is entirely possible, I guess. The film’s fun too – an entertaining escapade and a couple of hours nostalgia thrown in.