Kenya Film Commission visits South Africa

I’m pretty excited; the Kenyan Film Commission has been visiting on a fact finding mission in South Africa – and also to define a Terms of Reference for a consulting contract with Martin Cuff Consulting.

David Maingi took over as the CEO of the Kenya Film Commission just over a month ago, and has thrown himself headlong into the task of repositioning of both the Commission and the entire Kenyan film sector (a challenge made all the more difficult by the current political crisis in the country).

Fernando Meirelles on the Nairobi set of The Constant Gardener

I get the sense though, that Mr. Maingi is not the type to be easily daunted. His visit sought to unpack a range of insights and ideas from South Africa that could be applied back home in Kenya. Wendy-Leigh Boise at Martin Cuff Consulting assisted with planning and organising a packed schedule of meetings with key South African industry organisations, including the National Film and Video Foundation, the Cape and Gauteng Film Commissions, the Commercial Producers Organisation, the Stills Producers Association, Continue reading “Kenya Film Commission visits South Africa”