The Mentalist

Now that we’re a little more house-bound, and unable to pop out to movies on a whim, I’m having to settle for watching television. In South Africa, that’s a frustrating enterprise at best, and there have already been a couple of Stop-Starts – or rather Start-Stops. Fringe was one that had potential then lost my interest. Sanctuary was another; I hardly lasted an episode. (what was that woman from Stargate doing with the bad accent and the worse wig?)

One of the better ones though, and one which continues to peak my curiousity, is The Mentalist. Starring Aussie Simon Baker, the series tracks a division of the California Bureau of Investigations as it works on high-profile murder cases. Baker plays the Mentalist of the title, a consultant to the Bureau who uses mental dexterity, powers of observation, hypnosis and suggestion to get unwilling suspects to spill the beans. Croaky-voiced Robin Tunney, who’s fab (but sadly burdened with too much story-propelling dialogue) is his exasperated boss.

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