I can’t even begin to explain the magnitude of a movie like Gravity. It may be a small story – a couple of astronauts on a space walk are thrown into jeopardy by speeding satellite debris and have to make their way back to safety – but it’s an absolutely magnificent film on a grand, even humungous, scale. I had to keep reminding myself of the awesomeness of the cinematography – you can’t actually fake zero gravity on Earth – and the silent perils of space are astoundingly realised. Just go see it. Really. You won’t have seen the like.


The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play mis-matched law enforcement officials forced to work together to solve a dangerous drug trafficking ring in downtown Baaaawwwston. Much of the humour is based on the crudity of McCarthy’s potty mouth and rioutous family background – particularly when thrown up against Sandy’s up-tight over-achieving princess – but overall it’s actually all quite entertaining in a Bette Midler-Outrageous-Fortune kind of way. I must say, it was even more unintentionally hilarious watching it on an airplane and getting all the curses edited for family viewing. “Flip You, muthafinga” is hardly street slang. Anyway, I enjoyed it.


PS. I’m a bit concerned about Sandy though – she’s lost so much weight that sometimes, with those bangs and that sharp little nose, she looks like Michael Jackson meets the freaky ghost girl from The Ring. I mean it, in a nice way.

The Proposal

I love Sandra Bullock. I love her because she’s funny and beautiful and self-deprecating, but mainly because she reminds me of my scouser friend Helen, with whom I lived and studied and worked for too many years to recount. Watching Sandra Bullock is like they stuck a hidden camera in our living room and stole our lives.

The Proposal – Ms. Bullock’s latest outing – is a predictable, nice enough rom com. Here she plays a career bitch Canadian who’s threatened with deportation to Toronto. To save herself, she conjures up a plan to marry her sweet, put-upon, eye-candy assistant, Ryan Reynolds, and as part of the deception, she joins him for a weekend with his family in Alaska. Cue lots of tottering power heels on soggy grassy lawns. Done to death as a concept, but still carried off well enough.

On the negative sides, Mr. Reynolds spends nowhere near enough time shirtless, which would seem to me to be a bit of a waste. Also, I don’t mean to be nasty, but ( – and unlike Helen, I might add, who remains gorgeous – ) Sandra’s a little long in the tooth for too many more romantic lead roles; she’s looking a wee bit taut. Interestingly also, in spite of a lot being made of the Sitka, Alaska, location – and the locations do indeed look like Sitka – the movie shot almost entirely in Massachussets, with the snowy peaks etched in on green screen.