100,000 Fans

Savage County a small indie horror that tells the tale of a group of teens who have a terrifying run-in with the mysterious Hardell family, will air on a mainstream network (MTV 2) on October 7th.

How did such a small film get such a big break? According to Mashable, the deal was this: If 100,000 people “demanded” to see the film (via the Eventful’s “Demand It!” feature) it would air on MTV. If not, the film was formatted to function either as feature or in chapters, so it would have merely appeared on digital channels with less reach.

According to David Gale, executive vice president of MTV’s new media division, the network therefore focused on creating a dynamic fan base for the film in advance, and getting the word out to them at a low cost. And, judging by the 100,000 people – and counting – who want to see the film, Gale and MTV have succeeded. This is a fascinating addendum to my current fave idea: 1000 Fans – how you find ’em, how you keep ’em, and how you get them to pay for your work. More on this from me soon.
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