Little did he know……

In Stranger than Fiction, Will Ferrell plays Harold, an anal IRS agent who begins hearing a voice in his head, narrating his life. But then the narrator – a distinguished author with writer’s block – Emma Thompson, says: “Little did he know that this simple seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death……”

I’d noticed the movie at the video store on numerous occasions and chosen not to select it. I’m not sure why not; in a film starring both Ferrell and Thompson, perhaps I feared that the clown be cancelled by the thesp, or vice versa? Too cerebral for Ferrell, too downbeat for Thompson? Whatever; I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Stranger Than Fiction turned out to be a clever, intriguing and often moving comedy that is full of warm characters and some quirky but genuine insights into the human condition.

It is also an incredibly stylish film, in the broadest possible sense. You can’t help be struck by the locations, production design, and visual effects, but here the use of locations to define the characters is particularly detailed. 


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